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How To Replace A Fridge Door Seal

How To Replace A Fridge Door Seal
Gaskets are used to seal the refrigerator door when it is closed. A suitable refrigerator gasket keeps your unit running smoothly by preventing cool air from escaping. A leaky fridge gasket can cause your refrigerator to overwork and lead to expensive repairs. A leaky refrigerator door seal can also lead to increased energy bills. You should replace the refrigerator door seal if you suspect that you have a leaky gasket.

When Should You Replace the Fridge Door Seals?

If you notice condensation on your walls or ceiling, your gasket may need to be fixed. If your fridge cannot maintain a cool temperature and is always running, the refrigerator gasket may be at fault.

If your fridge exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s worth checking the seal on your door to see if it needs replacing. Look for apparent cracks, splits, or areas where the seal has come loose or is not adhering correctly to the refrigerator. Dirt, crumbs, and other food particles can prevent your gasket from sealing correctly. If you suspect this might cause your fridge gasket problem, try wiping down the seal with warm water to see if it improves.

Step 1: Soak in water the new gasket

While you remove the old gasket from the refrigerator, place the new one in warm water. The water will make it easier to move the new gasket.

Step 2: Remove the old gasket

Remove the old gasket while the new one soaks. Hex-head screws are used to secure gaskets into metal retainers. Remove the old gasket and reveal the screws. Then, utilizing a hex-head driver, loosen all the retainer screws on the door. You don’t need to remove the screws, reduce them. This will let you pull off the old gasket. Be gentle as you can with the gasket. You could damage the plastic on the fridge door if you use too much force.

Step 3: Position the New Gasket

After you have loosened your screws and removed the old freezer door gasket, position one of the corners of the replacement seal on the top refrigerator door. Move the gasket lip to the back of the metal retainer. Continue pushing the seal lip behind the retainer all around the perimeter. To tighten retaining screws with a hex head, you will need to use the screwdriver.

Step 4: Check for Fit

Check to see if the seal was warped during installation. To straighten the seal, pull the top and bottom together (you’ll require an extra pair of hands for this). Repeat this until the gasket aligns correctly. The retaining screws should be tightened after the gasket aligns correctly.

Position the New Gasket

Step 5: Form the Gasket on Your Refrigerator

The gasket may take some time to fill in any gaps. If your replacement gasket is still wavy, you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Try applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the hinge side of the gasket. This will stop the gasket from folding when the door shuts. After a fresh installation, the gasket may stick to the interior of the door. If this happens, you can add a tiny amount of baby powder to the gasket.

Seal the Deal

You may need a new gasket if your refrigerator is less efficient than it used to be or if you are noticing signs that the gasket has failed. It’s a quick and easy task that takes less than an hour to complete.


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