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The microwave Oven does not heat — troubleshooting and repair tips

The microwave Oven does not heat — troubleshooting and repair tips

Do you also have this problem? Do not fret. Here are a few troubleshooting methods that can help you solve this issue. Microwaves make cooking and reheating food easy and quick. A broken microwave can be a significant inconvenience. Before purchasing a replacement microwave, try these possible fixes if yours isn’t working. If your microwave isn’t heating, try these tips before buying a replacement.

Examine Power Source

First, check that the microwave is receiving power. Check if the microwave oven is connected to a functional outlet and if the fuse or circuit breaker that controls the outlet was blown. If your power supply is functioning correctly, proceed to the next stage.

Check your door interlocks & safety devices

Safety interlock switches prevent microwave ovens from operating with the door opened. If the interlock switch or door is damaged or not in place, it could stop the microwave oven from heating. Check for noticeable blemishes on the door. Check the interlocks with a Multimeter.

Examine Magnetron

The magnetron produces the microwave energy. Most often, a damaged magnet is to blame for a non-heating microwave. To inspect the magnetron, remove it from the microwave and discharge the high-voltage capacitor. Search for signs of burns or damage. If problems are found with the magnetron, it should be replaced.

Control Board Verification

The control board controls the features and configurations of the microwave. The control board may be damaged and prevent the oven’s heating. If you see any signs of damage or components that are burned out on the board, then this is a problem. You can consult a qualified tech if there is a problem. Or, consider changing the board.


You may be annoyed if the heating element stops working in your microwave. It is possible to fix the problem by following the troubleshooting guide provided. Microwaves contain high-voltage components. If you are uncomfortable handling electrical parts, then it’s better to call a professional Microwave Oven Repair Service.


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