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Fixing a Microwave Latch in Four Steps

Fixing a Microwave Latch in Four Steps

This guide will help you to find and fix the problem with your microwave latch. Following each step will allow you to have your microwave working again. Each microwave makes and models are produced differently. Before attempting to fix your microwave, check the manual to see if you can find any specific instructions.

Step 1: Check That The Latch Is Not Stuck

You should check if the latch has become stuck. This means that it can’t connect or disconnect correctly from the microwave. Try to open the door by pressing the door-opening button and then pull the door manually. If you can open the door when you manually pull on it, look for the problem and fix it. If the door will not open when you pull on it, find the cause and remove it.

Step 2: Check the Door Latch Button

Next, check the latch button on the door. If your microwave door opens by pressing a button, this step is not applicable. You can skip to step 3 if your microwave has a handle you pull. How to test the door latch: Press the button on the latch and feel if there is resistance when you push it in. The button should be pressed into the door without resistance. If it does not, the button must be repaired or replaced. When you press the button, you will hear a clicking noise. This means the button does not come into contact with the release mechanism. It needs to be replaced or repaired. Start by turning off the power to the microwave. When repairing microwaves, be careful, as electrical shocks can occur. Then, remove the control panel and try to repair the door by reattaching the button to the correct location. If you find that the component is broken, then the entire unit needs to be replaced. Reattach the control board, then turn on the power. Check if your door latch is working correctly. If the door latch does not work, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Check the Door Latch Lever

Next, check for signs of damage on the door latch lever. The door latch lever is released when you press the microwave door button. The door latch in your microwave can become defective if the latch breaks or becomes faulty. Check and, if needed, replace the door lever. Make sure that the microwave’s power is off. Remove the control panel of your microwave if you haven’t done so already. This will allow you to access the latch lever. The latch lever is a small piece of plastic located within the door latch. Check to see if it has become stuck, broken, or moved. Continue to the next step if the door latch lever works fine. Repair the door latch lever if possible. Replace it if this is not possible. You must purchase a new door latch lever and attach it to the microwave door latch. Replace the entire door latch unit if this is not possible. Check if the microwave door latch works appropriately after you have replaced the door lever. If it does not work, move on to the next step.

Check the Door Latch Lever

Step 4: Check the door spring, door hinge, and door-side latch

Check all components located inside the microwave’s door. These are the parts of the latch. This includes the hinges, latch, and door-side latch. The door latch stops working correctly when these components stop functioning. Turn off your microwave to check the door latch, hinges, or door-side catch and replace them if required. You can now remove the microwave door and access the internal parts. Remove the door by first removing the interior panel. Then, release the hinges. Consult your microwave’s instruction manual if this needs to be clarified. Check the door latch, door spring, and hinges. If any are worn or defective, replace them. If you need to replace any components, replace them with brand-new parts or buy a new door latch. If the components need to be repaired or changed, assemble your microwave again and test if it can close and open correctly. If it does not work, you can take your microwave to a shop and have them look at it. Or you could decide that buying a new one is the best solution.


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