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How to fix an icemaker in a Whirlpool fridge?

How to fix an icemaker in a Whirlpool fridge
Whirlpool’s ice maker isn’t working; is it not making ice or leaking? It’s frustrating to have your ice machine stop working, particularly when you want a cold, refreshing drink. You can troubleshoot your ice maker before you call for repair. This article will show you how to troubleshoot and fix your Whirlpool ice maker if it is not working.

The Things You Need to Know

You should also check that the control arm of your icemaker is clear. Also, check that the door switches are working. Set your freezer temperature to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C). Verify that the ice maker or fill tube isn’t frozen or clogged. Replace the filter, and inspect your water line for clogs and leaks.

Make sure the control arm of your vehicle is down and unobstructed.

The motor coupling is a significant component in a Kenmore washer. The motor coupling connects your washing machine to the transmission, allowing it to perform at its best. If you overload your washing machine, the coupling may fail sooner or later. The motor coupling may malfunction as a result of wear and tear. An inspection of your Kenmore can reveal which parts need replacement.
The control arm is an elongated metal bar. When the ice tray has reached its maximum capacity, the control bar will rise and shut down the ice maker. Ensure the control is down, and no ice is blocking it. The ice maker compartment can be found in the upper right corner of Whirlpool’s refrigerators. Remove the ice trays by pressing the release buttons. In some Whirlpool refrigerators, the ice maker icemaker may be in a completely different place. Some models have the ice maker located inside the refrigerator door.

Set the temperature of your freezer at 0°F (-18°C).

Check the temperature inside your Whirlpool freezer to ensure it is not above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the ice container should be at most 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is too warm, the icemaker may stop working automatically. If the temperature is too low, parts of the icemaker can freeze and cease functioning.

Make sure that the ice trays are correctly inserted.

You should ensure that the ice tray slides all the back into the icemaker compartment. It should also latch securely. If it doesn’t glide into the ice maker compartment, ensure it is ice-free.

Find a shelf missing or a shelf misplaced.

Some Whirlpool models have an ice tray shelf. If this shelf isn’t there or it’s at the wrong height, the control arms will not be able to function correctly, and the icemaker may stop working.

Level the refrigerator.

If the Whirlpool refrigerator’s level is off, it may prevent melted snow from reaching the drain. This can result in an icemaker that leaks. You can use a compass to check the balance of your refrigerator.

Clear ice from the icemaker.

Check your ice tray for ice clumps. Ice clumps can block the auger and the chute. You should also check to see if there is any ice on the ejector. Clear out any ice with plastic utensils. Or, let the machine defrost.

Level the refrigerator

Check to make sure that the filling tube isn’t frozen.

The fill tube usually sits behind the Ice Maker. If the freezer temperature is too low, the fill tube might freeze, stopping the water from reaching the Whirlpool icemaker’s mold. For access, you’ll need to remove the tray and ice maker. The ice can be defrosted with hot water or a dryer.

Ensure that the switch on the door is not malfunctioning.

Most refrigerators feature door switches and an ice maker for controlling the lights. The switch will usually be a shaft on top of the door or at the side. Press the door button and ensure that the lights go out. The door switches may need to be replaced. The ice maker may not work if the switch is malfunctioning.

Check for damage to the waterline, kinks, and clogs.

The waterline is a small, flexible plastic or copper tube connecting the faucet with the water valve on the rear of the fridge. It should be free of kinks and clogs. A water leak inside your freezer may indicate that you have a leaky water line. Your ice maker will stop working if there is water in the freezer. Check that the faucet where the water is leaking is on and that the hose is not revealing at the fixture.

Check whether the fill valve is appropriately aligned with the fill cup.

The fill valve is located near the ice tray. It has a stopper. Make sure that the filling valve is appropriately aligned with the cup. If they’re misaligned, the fill cup might need more ice-making.

Replace your water filter.

Whirlpool filters should be changed every six months. If sediment builds up, water flow into the ice maker can be restricted. Your ice can also taste strange. Change the filter if the water pressure drops or your ice tastes strange. The documentation with your fridge will tell you where to find the water filter and how to replace it. Some after-market water filters may be less effective than those in your refrigerator. Get the water filter that’s right for your model refrigerator.

Contact a repairer to fix your ice machine.

There are many parts of an ice maker that can break down. If you can determine what is wrong, you might need a repairer to fix the ice maker. Replace the icemaker if it is less expensive. Contact a local repair service or the retailer where you purchased the refrigerator for repairs.


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