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How To Repair A Gas Range Or An Electric Range

How To Repair A Gas Range Or An Electric Range
Solve the following common stove problems:

  • The gas burner will not light.
  • The oven will not heat.
  • The electrical burner won’t warm.

You can solve most stove problems in less than five minutes, saving you the cost of an expensive service call. A simple cleaning will get your range working again. We also show you how to troubleshoot the new electronic ignition burners and ovens.

Problem 1: A gas range’s burner won’t ignite

Gas stoves that do not light up are the most common problem. Gas ranges come in the standard gas range and the sealed burner gas range. Learn why gas ranges have been recalled.

Solution 1: Clean up the pilot or igniter

You can eliminate 75 percent of your burner issues in just one minute. You can access your ignition system by lifting the lid on your stove. If it gets stuck, tap it with the heel of your hand. If your stove is equipped with sealed burners (identified by the small nub or the igniter on the backside of each burner), the lid won’t open. Gas stove igniters can also be cleaned in the same way. If your gas stove still won’t ignite, try Solution 2. Standing pilots are identified by the small gas tube that runs to a point with a hole in the middle of two burners. If you see the pilot (flame), skip to Solution 2 if it is already burning. The ceramic nub can be seen either underneath or next to the burner on a sealed burner. It will click when it is working.

Solution 2: Clean the burner assembly

It takes only five minutes. The burner assembly can be cleaned the same for spark ignition stoves as well as standing pilots. You will need a small-diameter brush. A tube brush was purchased at a local drugstore. Appliance parts shops also carry them. You can only clean the burner ports if you have sealed burners. Other parts are closed, so they can’t become clogged. Install the assembly and test your burners. If your stove is spark ignitioned and it still doesn’t light, try Solution 3. You can adjust the flame height if you have a standing gas pilot by rotating small set screws located on the trim line that feeds the pilot. You can consult your owner’s guide or contact a professional to find the screw and determine what setting is best for your range.

Solution 3: Check your spark ignition system

It is possible for a stove to have faulty switches, control units, or igniters. You can test these devices by using the guide provided below. Check that your stove is plugged in, the power is on the outlet, and you haven’t tripped the circuit breaker. Spark ignition stoves are powered by electricity. When your oven lights up, you’ve got power. To test if it’s the switch, turn the burner that works to “Light” and simultaneously turn the burner that doesn’t work to “Light.” The switch is faulty if the burner that was not working comes on. Then, turn off each burner. You can watch if the igniters spark as you turn each dial. Turning off the kitchen light may make it easier to see. If no sparks come from the igniters, replace the module. This is common. Ask a professional to check the igniters. Igniters fail very rarely but are hard to test.

Solution 3: Check your spark ignition system

Problem 2: The oven won’t heat up

Be sure to check your oven before you reach for your wallet. Reset the “time-cook” function on your oven if it has one. They are frequently set incorrectly, preventing the stove from coming on. The homeowner is often embarrassed by this problem. Make sure you have power at the outlet. Some standing pilots and electronic ignition systems require electricity to function.
Check the ignition fuse on your gas stove. You’ll need to consult your owner’s handbook to locate the gas ignition fuse. Check your oven’s pilot if it has one. If the pilot is not working, you can clean it and then relight it following your manufacturer’s instructions. You can call a technician if you don’t know how.

Problem 3: A range burner electric won’t heat

You likely won’t need any special tools to fix a broken burner. You can diagnose a burning problem by following the steps. Contact a service technician for help if you still need help getting the burners to work. Our list will solve 95 percent of problems with a range burner. A professional should inspect the range when you see burned wires. It could indicate an even bigger problem. Check the burner to see if it is worn. Replace it if the surface is pitted and scorched. Check that the contacts are secure. Remove a working burnt of the same size and put it into the socket. If this burner works, you can replace the bad one with a replacement. Inspect your burner socket. If the socket is charred or scorched, replace it. Wire connections are of two main types. Sockets either have screw connections or wire lead connectors that attach to range wiring.


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