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How to Repair Your Oven: Replacing an Electric Heating Element

How to Repair Your Oven: Replacing an Electric Heating Element
Fixing your oven may appear daunting initially, but many basic oven repairs are manageable. If your oven isn’t heating up properly, chances are the heating element or gas igniter is malfunctioning and requires replacement. Consider replacing the thermostat if your oven fails to reach the correct temperature. Additionally, you can return the hinges if you’re experiencing difficulties opening and closing the oven door. Always adhere to proper safety precautions by unplugging the oven and turning off the gas supply before you begin. To replace an electric heating element, follow these steps:

Deactivate the Oven’s Power

Please turn off the breaker connected to the oven and unplug it. The first step when working on an electric oven is to cut off its power supply.

Unplug the oven’s cord from the wall outlet and locate the circuit breaker that controls the electricity flow to the stove. Set it to the “Off” position to disconnect power. If there’s no specific breaker for the oven, turn off the kitchen’s main breaker. If there are multiple breakers for the oven, switch them all to the “Off” position.

Remove the Panel Covering the Heating Element

Some ovens have a metal panel at the bottom, covering and safeguarding the heating element. Look for a lip on the front edge of the panel, lift it, and slide it out of the oven. You may need to press down on one corner of the panel to lift the opposite corner for removal.

Unscrew the Fasteners Holding the Element

The heating element plate usually has fasteners, two at the front and one at the back of the hob. Loosen and remove the screws connecting the fasteners to the hob. If the element is push-fit in the oven and lacks screws, pull it out of its connection point. Keep the screws nearby to prevent them from getting lost.

Disconnect the Wires at the Rear

At the rear wall of the oven, you’ll find two colored wires supplying electricity to the heating element. Disconnect these wires, ensuring they don’t slip through the holes at the back and become stuck.

Remove the Faulty Heating Element

After completely disconnecting the element, pull it from the oven and check for make and model identification. This information will help you find an exact replacement.
Disconnect the Wires at the Rear

Insert the New Element and Reconnect the Wires

Replace the old element with the same make and model, fitting it into the oven. Reattach the terminal wires at the rear in the same manner as the faulty element. Consider bringing the old element when purchasing a replacement from a hardware store.

Secure the Element with Fasteners

Attach the fastener to the component when the new component comes into place and the wires are connected. Secure them in the exact locations using the same screws as the previous element. Ensure that the screws tighten enough to hold the element securely, but do not over-tighten them to avoid cracking or bending.

Restore Power and Test the Element

Plug the oven back into the wall outlet after securing the new element. Then, restore the power supply by turning the breaker back on. Finally, test the new heating element by turning on the oven. Place your hand over the element to feel if it’s heating up. Following these steps, you can successfully replace a faulty heating element in your electric oven.


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