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Is Your Dryer Failing to Dry Clothes Properly? Troubleshooting Tips

Is Your Dryer Failing to Dry Clothes Properly? Troubleshooting Tips
Have you ever noticed that freshly tumbled warm clothes might feel more damper than expected? If your laundry remains wet even after cooling down, fret not! We’ve got some solutions that can help you out.

Ensure You’re Using the Right Program

Sometimes, the selected program on your tumble dryer might not be the best fit for the type of laundry you’ve loaded. It’s crucial to check the care labels on your clothes and consult your user manual for the most appropriate program. Don’t hesitate to explore additional functions if necessary.

If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, it’s time to turn to your trusty user manual. If you’re struggling to locate it, no worries! You can download it using your product’s model number from our website.

Check the Lint Filter for Dirt or Clogs

A clogged lint filter can hinder your tumble dryer’s ability to dry laundry effectively. This filter collects fluff and fibers from the garment and needs to be cleaned after each drying cycle. You’ll find the lint filter positioned along the door’s rim. To clean the lint filter, open the door and lift it upward to remove it. Use your hands or a soft cloth to clean the lint accumulated on the screens. In case the filter is heavily clogged, you can give it a thorough rinse under warm water. Make sure the filter is completely dry before reinserting it. Remember to wipe the housing, as lint may accumulate, before placing the filter back in.

Examine the Filter Drawer or Condenser Filter for Dirt or Clogs

Heat pumps and condenser dryers have an additional filter behind the kickplate. In heat pump dryers, this component is referred to as the filter drawer, while in condenser tumble dryers, it’s known as the condenser filter. These filters trap fluff and fibers that slip through the lint filter and need to be cleaned periodically or when the “filter box cleaning warning” symbol lights up (if applicable). Cleaning the filter drawer or condenser filter is a breeze. Open the kick plate, unlatch the locks to remove the piece from its housing, and open the filter drawer by pressing the red button. Remove any lint from the filter screens using your hands, a soft cloth, or even your vacuum cleaner on low suction power. Additionally, there’s a slim sponge between the screens; take it out and gently wash it under the tap with warm water.
Examine the Filter Drawer or Condenser Filter for Dirt or Clogs

For the condenser filter, pressurized water is the way to go. Hold it under the shower head for a few minutes, cleaning it thoroughly from all sides to remove the fluff. Please wait for all components to dry completely before reassembling them. Place the filter drawer or condenser back in its housing, secure the locks, and close the kick plate cover.

Avoid Overloading Your Appliance

Tumble dryers come in various loading capacities, and overloading them can significantly affect their performance, potentially preventing your laundry from drying properly. If you suspect overloading might be the culprit, try running the appliance with a lighter load. Please consult your user manual for information on programs and their recommended laundry capacities. And remember, if you need help locating your manual, you can always download it from our website using your product’s model number. We hope these tips help you get your dryer back to its efficient, clothes-drying best!


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