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How to replace the lower dishwasher door seal

How to replace the lower dishwasher door seal
A damaged or perished seal on the dishwasher’s door is almost always to blame for leaking. There are two door seals on most dishwashers. The upper door seal is three-sided, while the lower seal runs along the bottom. You don’t need to panic if the lower seal needs replacing but need help figuring out where to start. How to replace your lower door seal successfully without damaging your dishwasher.

Remove the top and side panels

First, You must remove the top and side panels to access the hinges. To make things easier, you can also remove your baskets.

Unhook the Pulley System

The hinges will be held in tension by a pulley and spring system. These hinges must be disengaged. Close the door to release the tension. Then, using your pliers, remove the plastic covering to unhook the pulley. Then, you can repeat the process on your other side.

Remove the Door

Let’s take that door off! Be careful, as the door is heavy and can easily fall. Permanently close it properly. The kickplate must be removed before you can remove the front panel. Three screws are located on each side of the door. After unscrewing the screws, you can pull the door from the appliance.

Replace the Lower Door Seal

Be aware that the door is still attached to the hinges by wires, and you can only move it a little. It is a little to remove the plastic covering the hinges. The seal sits between the hinges of the door and the inner portion. On either side, two screws must be removed. The hinges can be placed to the side. Remove the old door seal, and then replace it (be sure to install the replacement correctly).

Put everything back together

Everything is now ready to be reassembled! This guide will help you quickly get your dishwasher back in working order. You may need to remember to reattach the hinge pulley, but this is vital for your dishwasher to open and close safely. Your lower dishwasher door seal has been replaced successfully! The dishwasher can do the heavy lifting for you now.


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