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Quick Fix for a Non-Draining Dishwasher

Quick Fix for a Non-Draining Dishwasher
A dishwasher that will not drain is a widespread problem. This is also one of the most accessible appliances to repair. Fixing a dishwasher that won’t run is so easy and quick. In less than five minutes, you can complete the whole repair. In almost all cases, food debris is stuck inside the drain tube. It brings up the age-old issue of whether or not to rinse your dishes before loading them into the dishwashing machine. Here’s what I recommend: Remove the chunky bits, but leave the sauce. Some food residue acts as a catalyst for your detergent to clean the dishes. You can dry your dishes quickly if you still have wet ones after the wash cycle. We’ll get right back to your problem. The following are signs of a clogged machine: Water on top of the filter after the cycle ends, blinking LEDs, and low humming from the dishwasher base. Error code displayed. (Dishwashers must drain for at least a few seconds before adding water. The cycle won’t complete.

Project: Step-by-step

Activate Feature Drain/Cancel

The dishwasher can be reset by pressing the reset button. You will also activate the drain. For three whole seconds, press the cancel button. Press the start key for three complete seconds. If you see small text, press both buttons at once. You can start the dishwasher drain by spinning the drain motor.

Check the Drain Tube Air Gap

If the suggestions above don’t work, something may be stuck in your drain tube. This clog can be found in the dishwasher’s drain tube. You’ll find an air gap near the kitchen faucet resembling R2-D2. Pull straight up on your silver air-gap cap to check and clean it. If it’s a round cap, unscrew it or gently pry the two plastic tabs on the cap using a flathead.

Check for food residue in the small round tube located at the center. Remove it by pinching. Press the drain button or reset button, and then close the dishwasher. You should see a small central tube shoot out a 3-inch-high water column. Reattach the cap. If you see water rising when you push the drain or reset button, then the problem has been solved. If not, proceed to Step 3.

Clear Tube Before Air Gap

Push a straightened, 10-inch-long wire coathanger into the small tube for air gaps. Close the door, set the dishwasher to drain/cancel/reset, and move the hanger up/down to clear the obstruction. Look for water coming up from the air-gap tube. If you don’t have an extra air gap near your sink, your drain hose from your dishwasher will drain directly into your kitchen or garbage disposal. If you have this problem, go to step 4.

Clear Tube Before Air Gap

Clear drainage tube under sink

Unscrew the hose connector on your drainage tube, where it attaches to your garbage disposal. To do this, turn the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise direction. Place the drain pipe in a container and turn your dishwasher off by pressing drain/cancel/start three times. Close the dishwasher door. While the drain tub is still in the bucket, you can shake it. This will loosen up the obstruction. As the water begins to spray, continue until it has been drained. When the bucket gets full, open up the dishwasher to stop it. To tighten the hose, wiggle it back onto the sink drain or garbage disposal.


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