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What is the Cost of Repairing a Refrigerator?

What is the Cost of Repairing a Refrigerator?
The cost of repairing your refrigerator can vary depending on the problem, typically averaging around $290. However, you might pay anywhere from $80 to $390. Encountering an issue with your fridge is never convenient, especially if it starts acting up just after you return from the store with fresh groceries. Fortunately, although refrigerators require repairs more frequently than other appliances, they are relatively inexpensive. This guide will delve into refrigerator repair costs at SD Appliance and offer tips on estimating your total expenditure.

What is the typical cost of refrigerator repair, on average?

Typically, nationwide, refrigerator repair costs fall between $240 and $340 on average. However, prices vary significantly, ranging from $80 to $1,040, depending on the issue. The expense of refrigerator repair is primarily determined by the specific problem rather than the size or design of your fridge.

What is the Average Cost of Repairing a Mini Fridge?

Repairing a mini fridge would be cheaper, yet the average cost remains around $290. Technicians typically charge an hourly rate ranging from $85 to $160, with an additional service fee adding $190 to $240 to the total bill, irrespective of the fridge’s size. Considering these expenses, a replacement might often be the more practical choice when dealing with a malfunctioning mini fridge.

What are the Repair Costs for Different Types of Refrigerator Issues?

A refrigerator comprises numerous parts, and any of them could be causing the issue you’re experiencing. When a problem arises, repairing a single part is more economical than purchasing a new fridge. The table below offers insights into the expected costs at SD Appliance for both labor and materials, depending on the specific repair needed.

Added Cost

Average Price

Diagnostic fee

$100 – $140
Service fee

$190 – $240


$85 – $160*

*per hour


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