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What’s the Expense of Installing a Gas Dryer?

What's the Expense of Installing a Gas Dryer?

For most, the installation of a gas dryer typically costs between $800 and $1,690, covering both the appliance and labor expenses. On average, the total expenditure hovers around $1,140. At the same time, the initial investment might surpass that of electric dryers, so opting for a gas dryer can yield substantial long-term savings thanks to its quick-drying capabilities.
Gas dryers operate more efficiently, drawing most of their energy from natural gas or propane. If you’re contemplating switching to or installing a new gas dryer, here’s a breakdown of the associated expenses you can anticipate.

Breaking Down the Cost of Installing a Gas Dryer

The expense of installing a gas dryer encompasses labor, materials, and the purchase of the appliance if necessary. Additionally, if you’re replacing an existing gas dryer, you’ll need to budget for removing and disposing of the old appliance.


Average Cost

Gas dryer





Appliance removal and disposal


New gas line installation


Dryer vent installation


Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Dryer Install in San Diego

Can the Gas Company Connect a Gas Dryer?
Typically, your gas company won’t handle hooking up a gas dryer for you. Instead, you’ll need to enlist the services of a qualified installation technician or plumber to connect your dryer to the gas line or set up a new line if necessary. Your gas company might assist you in locating a reliable professional in your vicinity.
What are the advantages of choosing a gas dryer Over an electric dryer?
Gas dryers excel at rapid heating and produce higher temperatures than electric dryers, resulting in faster drying times. Opting for a gas dryer can reduce electricity expenses and potentially offer gentler treatment for clothing compared to electric counterparts.
Is it Possible to Convert an Electric Dryer to a Gas Dryer?
Converting an electric dryer to a gas dryer is technically feasible but could be more practical and cost-effective. It involves removing specific components from your electric unit and installing parts exclusive to gas dryers, which can be time-consuming and costly. Instead of undertaking this complex process, replacing your old electric dryer with a new gas dryer, professionally installed for optimal performance and safety, is more advisable.
Are Gas Dryers Still Dependent on Electricity?
Indeed, gas dryers still require electricity. Although their heating system operates exclusively on natural gas to generate heat for drying clothes, electricity is essential for powering various components. These include the lights and display screens on the interface, activating the drum, and supplying power to any automatic moisture sensors integrated within the unit.


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