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How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

Dishwashers aren’t just about convenience—although that’s a big plus. These useful appliances also help lower water bills, minimize kitchen germs, and grant you extra time in your day.
Whether you’re considering installing a new unit or upgrading your current dishwasher, expenses are a vital consideration. The cost of dishwasher installation, including labor and the appliance itself, ranges from $1,040 to $1,540. Factors such as the model and potential repairs can affect the final price. Explore further to understand better the costs associated with dishwasher installation, aiding in planning your budget for installation or replacement.

Breakdown of Dishwasher Installation Costs

The expense of installing a gas dryer encompasses labor, materials, and the purchase of the appliance if necessary. Additionally, if you’re replacing an existing gas dryer, you’ll need to budget for removing and disposing of the old appliance.
Are you curious about the expenses of buying and setting up a new dishwasher? Explore the comprehensive breakdown of installation costs for a new dishwasher below.
Purchasing a New Dishwasher
The cost of your new dishwasher hinges on your specific requirements. For those seeking affordability, compact models like countertops, drawers, or portable dishwashers are the most economical, while standard-sized under-counter dishwashers typically incur higher costs.
Consider noise levels when selecting a dishwasher; quieter options often come with a higher price tag but can be worthwhile for those with open floor plan kitchens. Here are the average price ranges for dishwashers:

  • Budget: $290–$840
  • Mid-range: $940–$1,240
  • High-end: $1,540–$3,540

Typically, homeowners spend around $190 on labor for dishwasher installation. Labor expenses can range from $110 to $540, with complexity impacting costs. A professional plumber usually requires approximately three hours for a dishwasher replacement—around one hour for removal and two hours for installation.
When purchasing a dishwasher from a large retailer, additional services such as delivery, installation, and old dishwasher removal are often available at extra charges.
Depending on the complexity of the task, your plumber might require a permit to install a dishwasher, mainly if it entails new plumbing or electrical work. The homeowner typically bears these permit expenses. Electrical permit fees can vary significantly, ranging from $10 to $500, contingent upon your location and the extent of the project.

Ways to Save on the Costs of Installing a New Dishwasher

Here are several strategies to help you save money when purchasing a new dishwasher, from getting hands-on to seeking out the best deals:
DIY Demolition and Cleaning
Handling demolition, cleanup, and debris removal can significantly increase homeowners’ overall expenses for installing a dishwasher. However, managing these tasks yourself could save several hundred dollars by investing your own effort.
Choose a Portable or Drawer Dishwasher
Portable and drawer dishwashers offer more straightforward installation, often eliminating the need for extensive demolition or additional electrical hookups. Moreover, they tend to be more budget-friendly compared to larger built-in units.
If space is a concern and you’re comfortable running the dishwasher more frequently due to limited capacity, these alternative options present an excellent opportunity to save money.
Maximize Savings with Timing
Retailers often offer significant discounts on major home appliances like dishwashers during the holiday season. Waiting until November or December to purchase and install a new dishwasher could save you hundreds of dollars on the appliance. However, it’s important to note that appliance installation labor costs typically remain consistent throughout the year.


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