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What Is the Cost of Installing a Gas Stove?

What's the Price of Appliance Repair?

Installing a gas stove typically costs an average of $665, ranging from $340 to $1,040. While gas stoves require more effort to clean than their electric counterparts, they offer rapid heating and customizable flame settings, making them indispensable in any kitchen. Transitioning to a gas stove necessitates the expertise of a plumber to establish a new gas line.
Installing a gas line generally costs approximately $55 to $65 per linear foot. Plumbers typically invoice between $115 and $140 per hour. These cost estimates are relevant for projects where the stove unit and ventilation system are already positioned.

Breaking Down the Costs of Installing a Gas Stove

How much does it cost to install a gas stove if your home already has the right fuel?
Installing a new gas line is necessary to accommodate your new appliance, and plumbers are the experts for this task.
The length of the gas line significantly impacts both material and labor expenses. If you’re transitioning from natural gas to propane, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly, expect additional costs.
Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved:
Gas Stove:
Gas stoves cost between $340 and $2,240. Advanced features like more comprehensive ranges, digital controls, and double ovens increase prices.
Gas Hookup:
Plumbers charge between $85 and $240 per hour based on expertise and location. For running a new gas line, it’s advisable to hire a master plumber, costing an average of $115 to $140 per hour. Their expertise ensures the proper installation of any pipe.
Gas Line Installation:
The length of the gas line or its extension directly influences the installation cost. A kitchen stove line costs around $60 per linear foot. However, there’s often a minimum charge for plumber visits. Longer gas lines require more materials, such as pipes, connectors, and fittings, increasing material expenses. Moreover, installing longer lines involves additional labor, including trenching or drilling, which raises labor costs. The complexity of routing through obstacles like walls or floors can further inflate expenses.

Gas Stove Installation: DIY vs. Professional Services

Transitioning from an electric to a gas stove demands the expertise of a local professional gas plumber, preferably a master plumber with ample relevant experience. Handling natural gas lines on your own poses significant risks and is often legally prohibited. It would help if you were equipped with gas hookups matching your appliance’s fuel type, either propane or natural gas. Attempting a DIY installation is ill-advised.
Even if your gas hookups align with your appliance’s requirements, exercising extreme caution during a DIY installation is paramount. Incorrect installation could result in a hazardous, potentially fatal gas leak. Reading all instructions and verifying your work with a gas leak detector is essential. Reviewing your appliance’s warranty also ensures that self-installation doesn’t void its terms.
Here’s a rundown of the essential tools and materials necessary for connecting a stove to an existing gas line:


Average Cost

Adjustable wrench

Pipe wrench


Four-in-one screwdriver


Gas leak detector


Gas range connector kit



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