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Exploring the Installation Expenses for Range Hoods

Exploring the Installation Expenses for Range Hoods

Range hood installation expenses usually fall between $440 to $1,540, averaging around $790. This cost varies depending on the type of range hood selected and the local labor charges. Opting for a ducted range hood installation and new ductwork tends to push the cost toward the higher end of the spectrum. Range hoods play a crucial role in expelling contaminated air, odors, grease, and excess heat during cooking, thus making them an indispensable part of any kitchen setup. Understanding the factors influencing range hood installation costs can help determine the best fit for your kitchen requirements.

Varieties of Range Hoods

The cost of installing a range hood is determined by its type, with each offering unique features such as Wifi connectivity and intelligent lighting; however, key considerations when purchasing one include ventilation effectiveness and size compatibility with your kitchen.
Wall-Mounted Range Hoods
Wall-mounted range hoods typically cost between $740 to $1,040 for both materials and labor. They mount to the wall about 2 to 3 feet above your stovetop.
Downdraft Range Hoods
Downdraft range hoods, which ascend vertically behind the stove, usually require materials and labor costs of $1,540 to $3,040.
Under-Cabinet Range Hoods
Under-cabinet range hoods, fitting snugly beneath cabinets above the stove, generally incur costs of $740 to $1,040 for installation and materials.
Cabinet Insert Range Hoods
Cabinet insert range hoods, designed to blend seamlessly within cabinetry, have labor costs similar to those of other range hoods but expect a higher unit cost, totaling approximately $1,040 to $1,540.
Convertible Range Hoods
Convertible range hoods, equipped with both ducted and ductless modes, typically require an investment of $340 to $1,240, including the range hood and labor.
Ductless Range Hoods
Ductless range hoods, positioned 2 to 3 feet above the stovetop without duct connections, utilize suction fans and charcoal filters. They offer a more economical option priced between $240 and $440, inclusive of installation labor.

Breaking Down Range Hood Installation Costs

Range hood installation expenses primarily encompass the costs of the hood itself and the associated labor, yet additional expenses may arise if ductwork installation is necessary.
The material or finish of your range hood significantly influences the overall cost. Depending on your selection, hood prices can range from $140 to $1,540. For instance, a copper-finished hood may start at $290 and extend up to $1,290 based on size, while a glass variant can reach up to $1,540.
Labor for Range Hood Installation
The average installation cost for a range hood typically ranges from $90 to $140 per hour. Many contractors also impose a trip fee alongside their hourly rate. Installation duration typically spans one to four hours, but alterations to ductwork or electrical wiring may extend this timeframe.
Installation of ductless range hoods is relatively straightforward, typically requiring one to two hours, whereas wall-mounted or island range hood installations may necessitate three to four hours of labor. Engaging a professional installer ensures proper hookup and ventilation of your kitchen.
Labor for Ductwork
If ductwork or electrical adjustments are necessary, project costs will escalate. The average hourly rate for ductwork installation is approximately $165. Routing ductwork externally typically requires up to four hours, totaling around $390 plus material expenses. Roof ductwork installation usually takes about three hours, costing an average of $300 plus materials. The total installation cost is influenced by the ductwork’s length and the number of bends.
Labor for Electrical Work
Electrical work may be essential in cases where existing wiring or outlets are absent. Depending on the scope of the work required, electrician rates range from $90 to $140 per hour.
Interior Touch-Ups or Demolition
Should the installation demand alterations like cutting into walls or cabinets, reinstalling backsplashes, or ceiling smoothing, additional expenses for supplies, paint, and labor may arise, though precise costs hinge on project specifics.


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