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Common Thermador Appliance Issues and Troubleshooting

Common Thermador Appliance Issues and Troubleshooting
Thermador kitchen appliances are among the best in terms of innovation and design. Like all machines, Thermador appliances are not immune from occasional problems. We’ll share tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot some of the most common issues that Thermador owners face.

Problem 1: Refrigerator Not Cooling

Thermador fridges can stop cooling. Several factors, including blocked air vents or a faulty compressor, could cause it. Check the vents of your refrigerator to make sure they are not blocked. Call a professional if this is not the issue. Thermostats and compressors require technical knowledge.

Problem 2: Oven Not Heating

Thermador’s ovens not heating up properly is another common problem. A faulty heating sensor or element can cause this problem. Check if the oven’s heating elements glow red when it is on. They may need to be replaced if they are not. If the heating element is working, it could be the temperature sensor. A technician should be called.

Problem #3: Dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly

Thermador dishwashers that don’t clean your dishes well could have a clogged or worn-out spray arm, a damaged door gasket, or a malfunctioning dispenser. Check for food particles in the spray arms and clean them as necessary. The door gasket will need to be replaced if it is worn. For clean dishes, the detergent dispenser must also work correctly. It may be necessary to repair or replace the dispenser if it does not release any detergent.

Problem 4: Range Burner Won’t Light

It could be a problem with the igniter, or it could be a blocked burner cap. Check for signs of damage on the igniter. If the igniter looks OK, the burner cap may be clogged. If cleaning doesn’t help, consider having a professional replace the igniter. For easier DIY repairs of you Thermador appliances read our manuals