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How to replace cracked outer doors in a Whirlpool Oven

How to replace cracked outer doors in a Whirlpool Oven
A crack in the outer glass door of your Whirlpool WFG320M0BB is an unsightly annoyance. It doesn’t impact the everyday operation of your Whirlpool oven model WFG320M0BB, but it is still worth replacing the cracked glass. Replacing your outer door glass can be a DIY job that takes only a few hours.

Replace the outer door glass in your Whirlpool oven

Before repairing your oven, always unplug the appliance or turn it OFF at the circuit breaker. Safety goggles and work gloves are required to handle broken glass. Put a small towel near your appliance to protect the floor. Next, open the oven and lift the hinges to release the locks. Release the locks and remove the oven door.

Lay it down on a clean towel. Remove screws holding upper door trims to oven doors. Once the screws come loose, you can remove the trim. After removing the trim, you can lift the glass and take it off the front of the door. The inner door glass should now be out of the way. Remove the screws holding the door handle to the door. Next, carefully lift the oven lid and remove the handle. Continue around the oven and remove the screws that hold the lower trim and rail assembly. Pull the trims and rails from the damaged outer window glass. Replace the broken outer door assembly with a new, intact one. Grab the oven rail and trim assembly and place them on top of the outer door glass.

Secure the assembly by using the screws you removed previously. Reattaching the door handle is the next step. The inner door glass can be replaced by gently inserting the lower edge of the glass into the slot in the bottom trim. The inner glass should be in place. Now attach the upper trim. Reassemble the oven door. Insert the hinges into its frame. Press the hinge lock up. Please close the door once it’s secure and look at the newly installed outer door glass. Finally, plug the appliance in or turn on the circuit breaker and cook delicious food. Please call us if the range in your home isn’t working or if you have any other questions.


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