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How To Replace A Dishwasher Upper Rack Height Adjuster

How To Replace A Dishwasher Upper Rack Height Adjuster

This dishwasher repair guide explains installing the height adjuster W10712394 on Kenmore 665 Series, Whirlpool KitchenAid, JennAir, and Whirlpool dishwashers with adjustable upper racks. The height adjustment allows you to raise and lower your dishrack.

Remove the upper rack

Open the track stops of the upper dishrack rails. Remove the upper rack and place it on the work surface upside down.

Release the wheel assembly mounting screws

The wheels will be raised to maximum height. Release the top of the long rear clip. The clip can be removed by pressing it to the release point. Press the tab of the front clip and move it upwards. Release the locking clips on the clip at the middle of the height adjuster.

Remove your height adjuster

Pry the housing cap down and out using the slotted screwdriver. Release the upper tabs from each side. Pry the bottom part of the housing out of the two lower tabs. Remove the housing lid. Remove the wheel assembly, housing, and adjuster. Repeat this step to remove the height adjuster housing and wheel assemblies from the opposite side.

Install a new wheel assembly

Slide the vertical piece of the new wheels assembly between the fourth vertical tines of the dishrack. Rotate it until the flat side of your dishrack is visible. Insert the positioner clips above the rear wheel. Snap the tabs above the wheels into the positioner clips slot. Install a clip on the rear wheel using the same method.

Installing the new adjuster bodies

Position the new adjustable body over the vertical section of the wheel and push it into the adjuster’s body slots. When the wheel assembly is entirely in the tabs, locking tabs at the bottom of the adjuster engages it. The thumb pad of the actuator should face the front rack when inserting the lever into the body. The actuator is held in position by the two half-circle slots on the adjuster. Install the adjuster cap by pressing the adjuster inside the vertical dishrack tines. In the slot of the adjuster, insert the top tab. Push the adjuster to the body and engage its locking tab. Install the adjuster mount screws.

Installing the new adjuster bodies

Install the height adjustable on the opposite side

Install the new height-adjustable wheel assembly and wheel assembly opposite the dishrack.

How to install the dishrack on the dishwasher

Close the track stoppers on the dishwasher rails. Close the track stops on the dishwasher rails.


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